What Moms Want Dads To Know About Them

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Survey For Moms

1. When was the last time you gave your husband a specific compliment?

2. What did he do to deserve the compliment?

3. What did you say to him?

4. When was the last time you did something romantic or special for him that did not involve your child(ren)?

5. What did you do for him?

* Please no comments about what your husband has not or did not do for you. I’m conducting this survey to see whether or not it will support a conclusion from a previous survey I conducted with another group of moms.

A little more about Jesse and me.

I've been a stay-at-home dad for 15 years. In my spare time, I've conducted open discussion group for fathers and mothers at hospitals, family resource centers, churches and other family oriented organizations (1992 to present). I’ve also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC’s Father and Sons Documentary, NBC’s The Other Half and Unsung Heroes.

Jesse Jayne Rutherford has prepared written materials for the United States Department of Justice and is the primary author of Save the Date: A Curriculum for Teens on Developing Healthy Dating Relationships, developed with a team of psychologists, educational experts, and statisticians, which has been used in numerous Orange County high schools and will be released nationwide in 2007. She is also the primary author of a handbook for mandated reporters of child abuse called Speaking Up: How to Help the Children You Work with Who Live in Abusive Homes. She lives in San Diego County with her husband, professional musician Enrique Platas, and their daughter, Sophia.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dad Quotes From Men Behaving Dadly Book

Thanks to all the moms who shared their comments. A lot of good stuff. Please continue to share your comments.

I've posted some comments from the dads who contributed to the book on the "Men Behaving Dadly" Blog - http://www.menbehavingdadly.blogspot.com/. Check them out.

I also emailed invitations to other "Dad" Blogs. Hopefully, we'll start receiving additional comments from other dads.

Jesse and I will be discussing further plans about our blogs. We hope to initiate more dialogue through future posts. I will also share more information about me and Jesse in the next post.


Monday, September 04, 2006


Hey, Moms! My co-author, Jesse Rutherford and I want to hear from YOU!

In the process of writing our first book "Men Behaving Dadly: What Dads Want Moms to Know about Them" (due out Summer 2007), we decided to start gathering material for our second book about moms for dads. To be a part of this exciting project, just click on “Comments” below and share your frustrations, concerns, and confusions about dad behaviors with Hogan and other moms. By participating, your thoughts will reach dads who’ll read the book . . . and you don’t risk a fight with your husband! Jesse and I will personally read all comments posted to this blog and may even publish your post in the book.

To learn more about our first book "Men Behaving Dadly, "you can visit our blog for dads at http://menbehavingdadly.blogspot.com/. It’s also a site for dads to share their perspective on caring for a baby and parenting. Tell your husband!

Keep On Mommying,